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    We are FUJI MACHINERY, an Automatic Packaging Machinery Company

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    Why Customers Keep Choosing Us

    Customization that Meets Customer Needs

    Support for a Wide Range of Package Shapes

    We can meet a broad range of packageing needs.
    We lead the industry, covering packaging solutions that incude from seal machines using plastic film (horizontal pillow packaging machine, vertical pillowpackaging machine), shrink film wrapping machines, boxing machines using carton paper (cartoning machine), box casers, cake packageing machines, bento packaging machines, pharmaceutical packaging machines, etc.

    Wide Range of Packaging Machine Peripherals

    In addition to packaging machines, we offer a broad selection of peripherals that can support the specific needs of each customer. Our product lineup includes conveyors that transfer packaged goods, conveyors and robots that align packaged goods, bread slicers, weighing scales, printers for bags and paper, metal detectors to prevent the inclusion of foreign matter, radiation measurement devices, image recognition devices, detectors to prevent erroneous content, stackers for packaged goods, buffering equipment to adjust the flow rate during the packaging process, and much more.

    Packaging Machines that Suit the Characteristics of Packaged Products

    Depending on the type of item that is packaged, machines may require particular functions that suit the product characteristics. For example, chocolate products may require a machine with a system that cools the product during the packaging process to prevent melting, while hard candy products may require a system that lowers the humidity to prevent stickiness.
    With our wealth of experience in product packaging and a broad selection of machine options that support a wide range of product characteristics, we offer a depth of knowledge and expertise to help you package products to your exact specifications and requirements.

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