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    We are FUJI MACHINERY, an Automatic Packaging Machinery Company

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    Why Customers Keep Choosing Us

    Packaging Lines that Earn High Satisfaction

    Providing a Packaging Line that Combines Packaging Machinery and Peripherals

    By combining a wide variety of packaging machinery and peripherals, we can meet our customers' needs independently. When the packaging process involves a combination of machines from numerous companies, trouble often occurs with a lack of coordination between companies and the exposure of unclear scopes of responsibility. However, at FUJI we take responsibility to provide whole lines, reducing inter-business trouble and losses in the packaging process.

    Total Management by FLAN

    We can provide a variety of merits by employing the FLAN system to centrally control the various equipment in the packaging process.

    Real-Time Monitoring of Operation Status

    You can monitor the status of operations on the complete packaging line in real time.
    Emails are sent automatically when trouble occurs, records of operations can easily be collected, and central control of multiple lines is possible.
    Display on large monitors and visual control of status utilizing the web (can be done form a remote location depending on the structure) are possible.

    Changes in Production Instruction with Few Operations Available

    It is possible to shorten the changeover time to support small quantity production of many products, as well as to reduce changeover mistakes.

    A Plethora of Maintenance Support Functions

    With the ability to track the replacement of parts, you can look up who replaced the part, why and when it was replaced.
    You will automatically be notified of scheduled maintenance.

    Maintenance of Power and Air Consumption

    You can identify when a machine is using excessive power and air.
    It is possible to confirm leakage and waste that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

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