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    We are FUJI MACHINERY, an Automatic Packaging Machinery Company

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    Why Customers Keep Choosing Us

    Advanced Technology

    Pioneer of the Packaging Industry

    Since our establishment, we have been at the forefront for the production of packaging machines.
    We started by wrapping caramels before applying this technique to chewing gum, candy, etc. We were the first in the packaging industry to apply electronic controls and develop packaging robotics. We have always made efforts to carve our way to new eras by providing quality products.

    Continuously Evolving Products

    Our major product line, the horizontal pillow wrapping machines, has continued to evolve since the first model, and after adding electronic control has repeatedly made improvements: AI, AII, AIII, AVI, AVII. Even now we continuously challenge ourselves to increase packaging speed, shorten maintenance time, reduce energy consumption, and strengthen usability and sealing.
    In addition to the horizontal pillow wrapping machines, we have improved our peripheral equipment to fit the needs of the times and evolve our products.

    Pioneer of Robotics

    In addition to improving the performance of our packaging machines, in order to streamline the packaging process we have led the industry in the search for applications of robotics.
    Rather than stopping with the automation of operations previously performed by humans, in small spaces, and for sorting large numbers of products, in recent years film roll exchanges that were once done by humans are now performed by two-armed robots. We continue to challenge ourselves to further automate and streamline the packaging process.

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