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    We are FUJI MACHINERY, an Automatic Packaging Machinery Company

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    History of FUJI MACHINERY


    • 1946

      Ikuya Ikuta starts production of confectionery machines, automatic pottery machines, and knitting machines at 6-8, Kikui-cho, Nishi-ku Nagoya-shi.

    • 1947

      Community chest drive begins. The first national community chest drive began. It distributed red tin badges, but from 1948 they became red feathers.

    • 1948

      Development and production of F-type automatic packaging machinery for caramels begins. The organization became a join-stock company and established FUJI KIKAI WORKS Co.,Ltd. with \700,000 of capital. All plants are moved to 4-chome, Kamejima-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi.

    - 1940 -


    • 1950

      Development and production of automatic packaging machinery for chewing gum begins.

    • 1951

      Development and production of automatic packaging machinery for bread begins.

    • 1953

      Development and production of FT-3 automatic packaging machinery for candy begins.

      Development and production of automatic machinery for the dairy industry begins.

    • 1954

      Tokyo Plant established in Minato-ku, Tokyo.

    • 1955

      Japan plunges into the economic miracle. The electric refrigerator, the electric washing machine, and the television become the country's "Three Sacred Treasures".

    • 1955

      The employee stock ownership system begins. Tokyo Plant moves to its current location in Shibuya-ku.

    - 1950 -


    • 1960

      Casting plant newly established in Nishi-ku, Nagoya-shi and starts production. Awarded the Aichi Prefecture Governor Award for the invention of automatic packaging machinery.

    • 1961

      Head office building established at the current 2-chome, Kamejima.

    • 1962

      Awarded the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation National Commendation for Invention for the invention of automatic packaging machinery.

    • 1964

      Development and production of FW-320 horizontal pillow packaging machine begins.

      Sales department separates and establishes FUJI KIKAI KOGYO Co.,Ltd with \8,000,000 of capital. Awarded the MITI Minister's Award for the FW-320 horizontal pillow packaging machine.

    • 1964

      Tokyo Olympics held.

    • 1966

      Fukuoka branch office established.

    • 1967

      FW-590S case packers developed.

      A new plant is established within the premises of the Nishi-ku Nagoya-shi casting plant and the head office plant is moved. Awarded Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Director-General's Award for streamlining management.

    • 1968

      Osaka Office established.

    • 1969

      Pioneering groups and spherical organization team structures introduced.

    • 1969

      Animated TV series "Sazae-san" begins. "Hachiji Dayo! Zenin Shugo" begins.

    - 1960 -


    • 1970

      Selected as a METI excellent streamlined model plant. Awarded the Medium and Small Business Research Institute Award (now the Good Company Award) Regional Prize by the Medium and Small Business Research Institute.

    • 1971

      Head office building established in the Nagoya Plant.

    • 1971

      Cup Noodles goes on sale. The bowling boom. The second baby boom.

    • 1972

      A-22 stretch film wrapping machine completed.

    • 1973

      FW800 wrap cartoning machine (small boxing machine) developed.

    • 1974

      FUJI KIKAI building established in the Tokyo Plant.

    • 1975

      Received a letter of appreciation for being an excellent streamlined model plant from the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Director-General.

    • 1978

      The industry's first microcomputer mounted device, FW-340mcI high speed horizontal pillow packaging machine developed.

      Capital of FUJI KIKAI WORKS Co.,Ltd. increases to \99,360,000.

    • 1978

      The Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Japan and the People's Republic of China signed. Space Invaders hits a major boom. White Day begins. Narita Airport opens.

    • 1979

      FUJI PACK SYSTEM CO.,LTD. established with \10,000,000 of capital. FUJI PACKAGING MACHINES CO.,LTD. established with \10,000,000 of capital.

    - 1970 -


    • 1980

      Horizontal pillow packaging machine technology exported to Formost, Inc. in the United States.

      K-20 no-tray stretch film wrapping machines developed.

      S-11 wrapping machine developed.

    • 1981

      K-20 no-tray stretch film wrapping machines awarded the 11th Automatization Prize for Small and Medium Sized Firms and Companies. High speed horizontal pillow packaging machine FW-1000 announced.

    • 1982

      Capital of FUJI KIKAI KOGYO Co.,Ltd increases to \99,014,500.

      Interactive FW-340A horizontal pillow packaging machine with a microcomputer developed.

    • 1983

      High speed horizontal pillow packaging machine FW-1000 announced.

      The industry's first packaging robot FR-102 and FR-303 developed.

    • 1983

      The Internet is born. Tokyo Disneyland opens. "Oshin" achieves a highest audience rating of 62.9%.

    • 1984

      Microcomputer-controlled horizontal pillow packaging machine awarded .the 14th Automatization Prize for Small and Medium Sized Firms and Companies.

      Vertical pillow packaging machine FW-7 announced.

      Sapporo branch office established.

    • 1985

      Administrative building in the Nagoya Plant is completed,
      unifying management functions.
      American resident employee office established
      in North Carolina.

    • 1987

      Horizontal pillow packaging machine α wrapper series is announced.

      FW3400α wrapper is selected for the 1987 Good Design Award (Industrial Machinery Division).

    • 1988

      Paper wrapping machine N-7500 announced.

    • 1989

      Horizontal pillow packaging machine α wrapper series II is announced.

    • 1989

      From Showa to Heisei. Consumption tax starts.

    - 1980 -


    • 1990

      Capital of FUJI PACK SYSTEM CO.,LTD. increases to \61,917,000. Capital of FUJI PACKAGING MACHINES CO.,LTD. increases to \61,917,000. Joint venture FUJI ENGINEERING A/S is established in Denmark. New head office building and Fuji office building completed.

    • 1991

      Fuji ENGINEERING A/S Spain branch established. Niigata Office established. Stretch film wrapping machine AT, which can perform no-tray wrapping and tray wrapping in one, is announced.

    • 1992

      Europe branch established in Denmark. Nagoya Plant factories increase.

    • 1993

      Horizontal pillow packaging machine α wrapper series III is announced.

      Vertical pillow packaging machine FW7700 announced.

      Case packer FW6600 is announced.

      Packaging robot FR-202 announced.


    • 1994

      Fuji ENGINEERING A/S joins with the Dopack Group and becomes FUJI DOPACK A/S. Mino Plant established in Mino Techno Park in Gifu prefecture. Stretch film wrapping machines FP-50 and FP-55 announced.

      Triangular sandwich wrapping machine FW-33 announced.

    • 1995

      Nagoya Plant receives ISO9001 certification. Stretch film wrapping machine AT awarded .the 25th Automatization Prize for Small and Medium Sized Firms and Companies.

    • 1996

      Stretch film wrapping machine FP-40 announced.

    • 1997

      Cartoning machine FC-65 announced. Stretch film wrapping machine FP-38 announced.

      Horizontal pillow packaging machine α wrapper series V is announced.

    • 1998

      FW3451 series announced.

    • 1998

      Nagano Olympics held. Akashi Kaikyo Bridge opens. FIFA World Cup held in France.

    • 1999

      Compact high speed type FW3401 series announced.

      Sendai Office established.

    - 1990 -

    See History from 2000 onward

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